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At Texas Advanced Renal Health, we offer dialysis education, planning and treatment in collaboration with dialysis centers. Reach out to us today to get started.

Dialysis is necessary to cleanse your blood if your kidneys are not functioning or are not keeping up. Without this critical treatment, your life expectancy can be limited to weeks. If you are worried about the risks of this procedure, make sure you talk to our doctors about your concerns.

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What Happens During Dialysis?

One of the big challenges for those facing this treatment is that they put it off until they must have it. Going into that first treatment, they may feel poorly before the procedure. Getting past this time of feeling ill may take a while.

Before your first procedure, you may need a fistula or graft to create a port for needle insertion. Over time, this opening will remain accessible without a great deal of fuss, though your access port will need daily care. Our team at Texas Advanced Renal Health can guide you through this care process.

How Long Does Dialysis Take?

A standard treatment will take up to four hours, three days a week. There is also the option to have peritoneal dialysis through the abdomen, which you can do from home or even do overnight while you sleep. Our doctor can help you make the best choice for your care.

Building your life around dialysis treatment can be fairly simple, though it may test your organization skills. Once you get into a rhythm, your actions before and after treatment can make the process manageable.  

How Can I Find Dependable Dialysis Near Me in McKinney, Texas?

At Texas Advanced Renal Health, our physicians will manage your dialysis care at a dialysis center. Depending on your underlying conditions, you may need additional monitoring or prechecks before your dialysis treatment.

Tracking your food intake with special attention to your potassium, salt and phosphorus will be helpful to your care team. If you have any concerns, discuss your dietary worries with our doctors.

To get the most from your dialysis treatment, make sure that you follow all dietary restrictions, keep a regular schedule, and carefully track your fluid intake. You will need more protein and will probably need to watch your intake of highly processed foods because of the dangerously high sodium content.

Where Can I Find Dialysis Near Me?

Building a schedule that makes dialysis near me as simple as possible will take some serious planning, but it will leave you feeling much more in control of your treatment. Hobbies that you can do while seated, a tablet or iPad, or a great book can make your treatments pass by much more quickly. The whole team at Texas Advanced Renal Health is happy to help you learn to manage your treatments, so reach out to us today.

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