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Hypertension can present with little to no symptoms and cause serious side effects. Call Texas Advanced Renal Health to learn about your treatment options today.

Hypertension is a medical term that doctors use to describe high blood pressure. When you have your blood pressure taken, you get two readings. The first is your systolic pressure, which shows you how much pressure there is in your arteries. You will also see a bottom number called your diastolic pressure, which measures that same pressure in the time between the beats of your heart. Risk factors such as a family history of high blood pressure and being overweight may lead you to look up hypertension near me. Our doctors at Texas Advanced Renal Health can help you understand this condition, including how to treat it.

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What Is Hypertension?

There are many risk factors that go along with this condition such as using tobacco products and leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you're physically active, your heart beats at a faster rate and keeps your arteries clear. When you don't get as much exercise, your arteries need to work harder to let the blood through. Eating a diet without enough potassium or getting too much sodium also increases your risk of developing this condition. It can cause different symptoms in different people.

What Are the Signs of Hypertension?

When you look online for treatments for hypertension near me, you may already exhibit some of the warning signs of the condition. It's often referred to as the silent killer because you may have it for years and not know it until you come to us. Headaches are among the common symptoms; however you may also experience weight on your chest that makes it hard for you to breathe. Some patients also complain that they feel dizzy or experience changes in their vision. There's also a risk that you may see blood in your urine. Our doctors offer hypertension treatment that can help you handle all these symptoms.

How Many Hypertension Treatment Options Are There?

Before you go over your hypertension treatment options; our doctors will take your blood pressure and talk about any symptoms you experience. They'll also go over your family history. Your treatment options may include cutting back on your sodium intake and making other changes to your diet. Some patients respond well to lifestyle changes, including getting more exercise and cutting back on their alcohol consumption. You'll also find that you can take different medications such as diuretics, Beta Blockers, and calcium channel blockers. Even if you take prescription medications, you need to continue testing and checking your blood pressure at home.

Hypertension Treatment in McKinney, TX

The silent killer can sneak up on you and cause many complications, including a heart attack, stroke, and chronic kidney disease. At Texas Advanced Renal Health, our staff wants to help you avoid those complications and treat your condition today. Call our office in McKinney for your hypertension appointment.

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